Fun, facts and everything you NEVER wanted to know!

A spectacularly funny feast of all things Walliams for super-fans, new fans and anyone who likes laughing out loud a lot. In glorious colour throughout!

Welcome to the World of David Walliams. This spectacularly funny book is bursting with Walliams wonderment!

Insider sneak peeks, brilliant character quizzes, fabulous fun facts, design your own Walliams book cover and meet Raj in a brand new comic book adventure never seen before. You even get exclusive access to behind-the-scenes content from David Walliams himself.

Hours of entertainment for all the family and the perfect companion to David’s novels. Featuring colour illustrations from the iconic Sir Quentin Blake and the artistic genius Tony Ross.

Win! ALL 10 of David’s books plus 5 x runners up copies of the Book of Stuff

Q. Which one of these is not a David Walliams book?

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  • 1
    Shakespeare tied to a chair to stop him stealing ideas
  • 2
    Unsold copies of ratburger
  • 3
    Award for tallest writer
  • 4
    Portrait of RAJ
  • 5
    Rejected manuscripts
  • 6
    Fan mail
  • 7
    Hate mail
  • 8
    The dog's food bowl
  • 9
    David's food bowl
  • 10
    Goose grease (for swimming - and snacking)
  • 11
    Wig (so no one knows he's bald)
  • 12
    False teeth
  • 13
    Pictionary (he wanted a dictionary but he couldn't spell it)
  • 14
    Money (pickpocketed from children at his book readings)
  • 15
    "I'm David Walliams" T-shirt in case he's not recognised while out in public
  • 16
    CD of typing sounds (to make it sound like David is thinking when he's not)
  • 17
    Lawnmower (borrowed from neighbour in 1995 - not returned)
  • 18
    En suite toilet
  • 19
    Glass eye
  • 20
    Pouncing owl

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Name: Kamiyah
Age: 10
I liked the top secret bits
Name: Alana
Age: 12
It will make you laugh
Name: Josh
Age: 11
Name: Maya
Age: 10
It is really funny
Name: Sam
Age: 8
I liked all the things you could do, like the crossword and snakes and ladders